The Trials, Tribulations and Sparks of a Petite Bronzed British Pakistani Muslim Girl..

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Always start and end your day in love. Hugs, kisses, cuddles. the more the better.

Appreciate your partner daily in not only words but in gestures.

Everyone loves to be complimented.

Greet your partner with a smile, no one wants to see a frown it can automatically switch the day around.

Be patience in arguments by staying quiet, the mind will always tell you to say bad things but once its out in the open it’s hard to hide.

Make time for each other even if its sitting together and eating or watching TV, ordinary things together mean more than doing special things all the time.

Always think of how the other person will feel when doing something, by keeping them as a priority.

Call your partner often and be spontaneous.

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Happiness does not rely on other people.

To be truly happy you have to be happy within.

Do the things you love to do and don’t wait around for others, make yourself happy first.

Laugh a lot with each other, laughter always soothes heals and uplifts the body mind and soul.

Take good care of your health and well being.

Love yourself first as the more you love yourself the more you’ll love life and love others around you.


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